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Adimian is a software consulting company specialized in both Python and scientific computing, operating in Brussels. Our customers are mainly large companies active in the data-science & finance sector, looking for our expertise. Founded over a decade ago, Adimian is operated by technical people, not sales people. We consider ourselves craftsmen, and find pride and joy in building the best possible solutions for our clients. We build robust, high quality systems, and we build them fast, because we know that time to market is critical for you. We think that early shipping, short iterations and good communication are the keys to tackles the hardest problems. But as we know that rushing to code is not always the best option: we first want to understand our customer's organisations, discover the issues faced by the users and be part of the reflection to find the best ways to reach their goals. Our remote character allows us to be your partner, regardless of location. Our large diversity is an endless pool of wisdom and creativity. Working at Adimian means working in a non-nonsense community. You’ll be able to surround yourself with curious, competent & nice people. We are a remote-first company, which means nearly no meetings & a flexible way of work: wherever, whenever. Website: Contact: Jobs: Phone (Belgium) (English or Dutch): (+32) 498 23 09 57 Phone (Belgium) (French): (+32) 479 812 717 Phone (France): (+33) 977 218 246
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